Wiltshire Community Foundation values the input that can be made to the operation of the organisation through the work of volunteers. Volunteers are needed for a number of roles, most notably as Grants Panel Members, Development Panel Members and Grants Assessors. These roles require certain attributes and our volunteers are given a full induction and any relevant training in order to fulfil them.

Grants Panels

Main tasks

  • As a Panel member, we will ask you to;
  • Contribute your local knowledge and specialist skills to the Committee/Panel to help identify local needs, and award grants to the projects meeting those needs most effectively.
  • Keep up-to-date with the Community Foundation’s fund criteria and procedures.
  • Help with signposting groups to the Community Foundation’s grant programmes.
  • Attend as many of the meetings a year as possible.
  • Ensure that discussions within meetings are kept confidential, and not disclosed outside meetings unless you are specifically asked to do so by the Programme Director.
  • Help to implement the Community Foundations equal opportunities policy by ensuring that comments, opinions and decisions are made on the basis of objective assessment of need, and respect for excluded or minority groups.
  • Declare any interest in any of the applications submitted and leave the committee during these discussions.  An interest to declare is usually if you are a Trustee or paid worker for the applicant group, or have helped the group submit the application.
  • Read and familiarise yourself with all applications to be submitted for consideration at the Area Committee or Panel meetings.
  • Let the Programme Director or other Grants Staff know if there is anything that can be provided for you in the way of further information or training to help you with any of the above.
  • Keep Grants Staff informed about any item of news or information that comes your way that you think could help keep them up-to-date with local issues.

Other opportunities

  • You may also like to become involved in;
  • Making monitoring visits to groups to check how they are doing, or to help them by sharing your skills and expertise.
  • Attending “Seeing is Believing” visits to funded projects.
  • Helping identify and support opportunities for fundraising.

Essential criteria

  • A keen and active interest in ensuring that well-run projects reaching the people in most need in our community get the funding they deserve.
  • An understanding of some of the issues facing excluded people in our community, and a willingness to learn more.
  • Ability to use your judgement and knowledge to make objective and impartial assessments of applications presented to you.
  • Ability to take an active and supportive part in discussion and decision making.


  • A specialist skill or area of knowledge, such as experience working with a particular group of people or knowledge of charity accounting procedures.
  • Participation in networks in your local area.
  • Experience of the voluntary sector as a service user, volunteer, Trustee or paid worker.